Online Research Events

Thank you for the response to our MECCSA posts!

We are discussing a joint conference in 2021 with the Mobile Innovation Network and Association more information soon….

We are currently organising a series of online symposia to explore the nature and characteristic of video essay, how this connects with contemporary peer review processes and the future for multimodal approaches to teaching, learning and historiography.

Responding to recent interest in this subject we propose the following events agenda as a method for inclusive engagement. The project will function as an open access community peer review platform for the promotion of video essay form and method to help establish a contemporary scholarly peer review process which responds to submissions and review within an accelerated academic review timeframe of twelve weeks for publication of work.

Therefore, we propose the following activities as an initial strategy to help establish a scholarly dialogue around these debates:

Friday 19th June – Online Symposium – Become the Media and call for contributions around the following topics:

  • What is an academic video essay?
  • Collaborative online media production scholarship
  • Video Essay as community historiography
  • Meaningful academic research impact using multimodal approaches
  • Video essay as punk pedagogy
  • Moderated online comments as a contemporary academic review strategy
  • Media data harvesting (Film Studies) versus hybrid or theory/practice (Media Production) approaches

Tuesday 22nd September 2020 History is always in the makingmultimodal approaches to historiography – different ways of seeing , understanding and communicating. Community empowerment and contemporary technologies. Suggested topics:

  • The future for documentary 2020
  • Intention and the media artefact – the politics of purpose
  • Public, private and community historiographies
  • Constructing historical narratives – different video approaches
  • Re-writing truth, personal experience of war, conflict and individual video approaches

More to follow………..